Choosing Siding? Non-Appearance Related Factors To Consider

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Choosing Siding? Non-Appearance Related Factors To Consider

31 March 2021
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Improving the appearance of your home is sure to be a major consideration when selecting new siding, but it should not be the only one. Luckily, residential siding is now available in a wide variety of materials, designs and price ranges, making it possible for homeowners to consider multiple options.  

If you are currently shopping for new siding for your home, here are some factors to consider that may be even more important than the product's appearance. 

Wildfire concerns

Wildfires are a growing threat to homeowners who live in any state where dry conditions, heavy winds or other fire hazards exist. Since wildfires often spread to residential structures via contact with burning cinders or debris, selecting a siding with fire-resistant qualities could help to protect your home and family. 

Siding made from metal, cement or other fire-resistant materials can offer a layer of protection that wood, vinyl and other more flammable siding materials lack.

Homeowners interested in adding fire-resistant siding to their home may also want to consult their insurance provider to see if lowering their home's risk of wildfire will result in them saving money on home insurance premiums. 

Aging or life concerns

Another factor to consider when selecting siding for your home is what your living situation is likely to be for the next decade or two of life. Homeowners who are approaching retirement age or those who have mobility issues should consider selecting siding that will help to free them from exterior maintenance chores. 

Vinyl and other siding options that come pre-finished should be considered by homeowners who want to avoid frequent sanding and painting chores. Vinyl or steel, as well as natural cedar shakes, require little to no ongoing maintenance.

In some areas, an annual cleaning may be needed for these or other siding materials to help limit the growth of mold, mildew or algae. 

Insect concerns

The right siding choice can also help to make your home less attractive to insects, such as destructive carpenter bees. Homes that are currently sided with wood are often targeted by these bees, resulting in ugly holes that will need to be patched or repaired. 

By removing or covering existing wood siding with insect-proof vinyl, concrete or metal siding options, carpenter bees will be forced to quickly lose interest and move on. 

These are just a few of the many factors that should be considered when making plans for any major home renovation, including the purchase and installation of new siding. To learn more, contact a siding contractor in your area.