Reasons To Outfit Your Custom Home With Two Dining Areas

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Reasons To Outfit Your Custom Home With Two Dining Areas

20 March 2020
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When you're planning the dining room during the design phase of your custom home build, there are several factors that you'll want to consider. The size and shape of this space and its location in the house will be important, but you should also think about adding a second dining area. This doesn't necessarily mean that you should have two formal dining rooms — such an idea can seem a little visually bizarre. Instead, consider a second place in which people can eat. This can be space for a table and chairs in the kitchen, a long bar that can accommodate several stools, or a similar design. Here are some reasons to outfit your custom home with a pair of dining areas.

Formal And Informal Spaces

One of the fun reasons to design your custom home so that it has two dining areas is that you can eventually decorate one of them formally and keep the other space informal. Generally, this means choosing a formal look for your actual dining room and choosing an informal look for the other dining area — either the space in the kitchen or the bar-style location. Having the two approaches can work well based on the type of meal you're hosting. For example, if you're having some friends of your child's over to eat pizza, they can do so at the kitchen table instead of in the formal dining room.

Separate Areas For Kids And Adults

While it can be nice for adults and children to eat together at family gatherings, it can also be fun for the adults to spend time together and the kids to spend time together. Instead of adding a folding table to your dining room and setting it up for the children, consider dividing the group to use the two dining areas. The adults can gather to eat in the formal dining room, while the children can enjoy a less-formal dining experience at the kitchen table or while seated at the bar.

Additional Seating For Large Gatherings

When you're building a custom home, you might dream of frequently having it filled with family and friends for large gatherings. If so, you'll always want to ensure that there are enough spaces for people to eat. Sometimes, party hosts will have to have people eat on the couch or at the coffee table, which can be less than ideal. A second dining area is valuable because it increases the amount of seating that you can offer your guests.

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