What Is The Most Important Work Zone Equipment?

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What Is The Most Important Work Zone Equipment?

3 February 2020
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

When furnishing a construction site, you have to  ensure you have all sorts of things, such as the necessary equipment and materials for the job. Beyond that, however, you also have to have various types of signs and furnishings, many of which are required under the law.

For this reason, it's important to know and follow all of the laws that are relevant to your area and to your particular job. In addition, though, there are some pieces of work zone equipment that, in most cases, you simply have to have.

Safety Vests

Consider your workers and how and when they will be working.

Will they be working at night, in poorly-lit areas, or in areas where they are likely to be hit by a car or to encounter other dangers if they are not easily and readily visible?

If the answer to any or even all of these questions is yes, then you are going to need safety vests for the members of your crew. These safety vests typically come in bright colors, like neon green or orange, and ensure that your workers can be seen and identified easily.

Your state or area may even have specific laws about the types and colors of vests you must provide under different working conditions. Even if it doesn't, though, these articles of clothing are a must-have for keeping all members of your crew safe.

Warning Signs

On any worksite, there are bound to be dangers and risks which should only be encountered by those working on the site and fully aware of and prepared for the risks.

However, it's entirely possible for someone to wander onto your worksite by accident and not be aware of these dangers, which could potentially be disastrous.

To help reduce this risk, employ warning signs and systems that alert people when they are entering a worksite, tell them whey they should not enter a worksite, and advise them as to the dangerous conditions therein. Displaying this type of signage can greatly reduce your risk of liability.

Safety Cones

Finally, most worksites should be outlined with safety cones that clearly let people know that the area inside is a working area and a potential danger.

That way, if they should happen to miss your signs somehow or if they are allowed to be on the site but only in certain areas, they will know their boundaries and act accordingly.

These are just a few of many potential work zone equipment pieces you should stock up on. Always get the right equipment for your job and under the law, but don't be afraid to go above and beyond the requirements as well, since a little extra never hurts and could potentially be incredibly helpful. Get in touch with a company like Stripes & Stops Company, Inc. to start compiling your equipment.