Create A Beautiful New Orleans Themed Front Yard Landscape

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Create A Beautiful New Orleans Themed Front Yard Landscape

30 December 2019
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Get your pencil and paper out and get ready to create a beautiful New Orleans-themed landscape for the front of your house. Maybe you visited that mysterious city and knew that the time would come that you would capture the New Orleans feeling right at your own home. Perhaps you have been wanting to do that for a long time, and you've decided that this is the year that you will make the front of your property truly exceptional. If you're looking for ideas to get that done, here are some that might turn out to be very helpful.

Ornamental Aluminum Fencing - Start with ornamental aluminum fencing. For a New Orleans feeling, select the most ornate design that is available. For example, have something like flowers, birds, or dragonflies as part of the design of your ornamental aluminum fencing. Choose dark gray, black, or Verdi green for the color of the paint. Choosing an ornamental fence with space between the bars will mean that you and others can still look at the landscape you create. 

The gate should complement the design you selected for your fence. For instance, if you went with a floral design, then a tree of life as the focal part of the gate's design would be stunning. Besides being beautiful, your fence will offer you safety and privacy. With that in mind, think of having a code for the gate that only your family and trusted friends will have. 

Besides the ornamental fence, there are other things that will give your front yard a New Orleans look. Here are just a few that you could incorporate into the landscape design.

  • Place wrought iron patio furniture in a strategic section of the yard. Choose the same color for your patio furniture as you did for the fencing.
  • Create a focal point by having something like a multi-tiered water fountain. Surround the fountain with clay pots that you can fill with plants.
  • Place a large angel statue into a rose garden or into a section of other flowering plants would be very New Orleans-like. 
  • Include an herb garden with a combination of flagstone or brick pavers, rocks, and mulch.
  • Plant as many different types of vegetation that you can cluster together in nooks and crannies of the yard.
  • Secure a large trellis with vines or climbing roses on one of the walls.

Add a pretty sign in a strategic place that says something like, Pass a good time or By my house, both familiar Cajun expressions. 

Learn more about creating front yard landscapes from a company like Ornamental Design Ironworks Inc.