How a Roof Replacement Provides New Materials Rather Than Cover Up Damage

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How a Roof Replacement Provides New Materials Rather Than Cover Up Damage

13 May 2019
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When you own a home, it's just a matter of time until you have to get a new roof. Asphalt shingles eventually wear out due to UV exposure, wind, and rain. There are two ways to get a new roof. One is a roof replacement and the other is to have new shingles put over the old roof. Roofing replacement is sometimes the only choice you have, but even if you have both options available, you may want to choose the replacement option. This is what a roofing replacement entails and why it's often the better choice.

What a Roof Replacement Involves

When you have your old roof replaced, the contractor rips off everything on the roof to expose the deck. A dumpster is brought on your property to catch the shingles and debris. Once all the old roofing is torn off, then a new roof is built up that includes new felt and shingles. If the deck is also worn and bad, it can be replaced before the shingles are added.

Why a Roofing Replacement Is a Good Choice

If your roofer were to put new shingles on top of the old ones, the deck would not be uncovered. If the deck is damp or rotted, the damage might be missed and the new shingles would just cover it up. This means your roof may wear out and start leaking much sooner than if the roofer had been able to check the deck and replace water-damaged areas.

While your roofer shouldn't attempt to put new shingles over a roof that's in bad shape, there's always the risk of new shingles not attaching well if the old shingles are curled. This allows wind to lift the shingles more easily and the shingles are at greater risk of leaking. By clearing everything off down to the deck, your roofer can start with new roofing felt and then place the new shingles securely on the deck so the roof has a long life with a lower risk of being damaged by wind.

A roofing replacement is also a better option if you have an older house that may not be able to support the weight of two roofing layers. Having your roof replaced is the safer option when weight is an issue and also when your roof has a lot of damaged areas. Since you'll want your new roof to last as long as possible, it could be a better choice to tear off the old materials and replace them with new roofing so you can be sure your roof is in excellent shape and has a good chance for long life.