Are You Planning On Adding A Fire Pit To Your Patio? 4 Reasons You Should Go With Gas Instead Of Wood

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Are You Planning On Adding A Fire Pit To Your Patio? 4 Reasons You Should Go With Gas Instead Of Wood

22 March 2019
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An outdoor fire pit on your patio provides you with a great place to entertain guests on cold nights — after all, the warmth and ambiance of a burning fire pairs well with hot chocolate and conversation.

If you want to add a fire pit to your patio, you'll need to choose between one that burns wood and one that burns gas. Gas-burning fire pits are more expensive than their wood-burning counterparts, but they provide several convenience and safety benefits in return for the added expense. If you're having trouble deciding between a wood-burning fire pit and one that burns gas, here are four reasons to choose a gas-burning one.

1. Gas Doesn't Give Off Embers

Whenever you burn wood, it gives off embers. If a gust of wind blows by while you're burning wood in the pit, these embers can travel a fair distance away. Embers can potentially ignite anything flammable nearby, such as upholstered patio furniture or dry grass. Your relaxing night near the fire pit can quickly turn into an emergency if blown embers cause a fire. You don't have to worry about this with a gas-burning outdoor fire pit, as gas burns clean and does not produce any embers.

2. Gas-Burning Fire Pits Don't Become as Hot as Wood-Burning Ones

In addition to not giving off embers, gas-burning fire pits are safer than wood-burning ones for an additional reason. Wood-burning fire pits contain several red-hot logs that transmit heat to the fire pit, causing it to become very hot. Anyone who touches it may receive serious burns, and objects placed too close to the fire pit may ignite. In comparison, gas-burning fire pits don't become nearly as hot — the gas is ignited a short distance above the fire pit, transferring very little of its heat to the fire pit itself. This keeps gas-burning fire pits much cooler than wood-burning ones, reducing the risk that your guests will be burned.

3. Gas-Burning Fire Pits Are Always Ready to Use

One of the greatest hassles of owning a wood-burning outdoor fire pit is that you'll always need to keep wood on hand in order to use it. Purchasing wood can become expensive, and chopping wood yourself is often not an option unless you live in a rural area. Worse, storing wood outdoors tends to attract pests — insects will nest in it, snakes and spiders will hide in it, and rodents will eat it. Gas-burning outdoor fire pits can be connected to your home's existing natural gas or propane supply, so they're always ready to be used. There's no need to store wood on your property or worry about running out.

4. Gas-Burning Fire Pits Are Easier to Start and Stop

Along with always being always ready to use, using a gas-burning fire pit is also much easier than using a wood-burning one. You only have to push a button in order to ignite the flame, then push it again to turn it off.

Starting a fire in a wood-burning fire pit can be a lengthy process as you light the wood and then tend to it to make sure it's burning well. After you're done using the fire pit, you need to douse the flame and watch it for a while to make sure the fire is fully out — when you're ready to retire after a long night, monitoring your wood-burning fire pit can become an annoyance.

Overall, gas-burning outdoor fire pits are both safer and more convenient to use than wood-burning ones. This is a huge boon for people who simply want to relax on their patio and enjoy the warmth of the fire without needing to worry about embers cast off by the flame or the need to tend a fire. If you want a safe and convenient way to provide your family and your guests with the warmth of a fire on your patio, choose a gas-burning fire pit.