A Surprisingly Important Form Of Door Care: Cleaning

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A Surprisingly Important Form Of Door Care: Cleaning

5 February 2019
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Garage door owners know about the need for maintaining the springs, the tracks, the opener, and other parts of the whole door system. Often overlooked is cleaning the door — yes, plain cleaning. The dirt and leaves that can gather around and on the door may affect its operation, and they can certainly affect how well insulated the garage is. If it's been a while since you cleaned the door, make an appointment with yourself to get the job done, or hire a repair company, like Plano Overhead Garage Door, to make the door look good again.

Dirt Jamming up the Tracks

Dust and dirt gather on the sides of the garage door. As the door is continually raised up and lowered down, the dirt and dust can shift. In most cases, it falls, but some can end up in the tracks. When enough dirt gets stuck in there, the tracks can seem slower, and the door may be harder to move. This is similar to what happens when dirt is stuck in a keyhole; your key tends to stick until you clean out the keyhole. For a garage door, however, cleaning off the door reduces the incidence of sticking.

Leaves Stuck to the Bottom

When you clean the door, check under the door as well. Literally, check along that bottom edge. Ensure no leaf debris or pebbles are wedged into the door (or gasket, if there is one). Those can not only damage the door but also create tiny gaps that let hot or cold air into the garage. Removing the debris allows the door to form a better fit with the ground when closed.

Dust Streaks on Door

There's also the issue of dust that simply makes the door look terrible. Dirt doesn't always appear in streaks; it can gradually coat the door over months and years. Have the door power washed to remove that dust and restore its former color.

Mildew on Weatherstripping

One more item to look for is mildew on weatherstripping. Not only do you need to replace the weatherstripping, but you should check the corresponding sides of the garage door and ensure no mildew or mold has transferred over there. If you find any, it needs to be cleaned off. Have a repair company do this as typical household mold cleaners can affect paint.

A clean garage door may sound like a small issue, but it really does make a big impression. If it's been a while, clean that door as soon as you can.