Figuring Out How To Maximize Shower Space In A Small Bathroom

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Figuring Out How To Maximize Shower Space In A Small Bathroom

22 August 2018
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When it comes to a small bathroom, you have to use every square inch with purpose. If you are planning a brand new shower f-0or your bathroom, you should take a look at how to maximize the utilization and enjoyment of the shower, as well as cut down on the cleaning needs. Here are three ways to increase the potential use of your brand new bathroom shower. 

Get a doorless shower

If you can, it is a good idea to get a doorless shower. Doorless showers often have a stand-up shower with ceramic walls on all 4 sides. The entrance to the stall may cause you to have to walk in a curved pattern, which keeps all of the water and bath products within the shower area. This will keep your bathroom floors clean and allow your drain to work at its best. A doorless shower is also perfect for cleaning, because you will not have to worry about mildew or stains on shower doors. 

Install shelving in the shower

Inside a small bathroom, you will likely be short on cabinets and drawers. Keep your soaps, scrubs, and facial washes inside of the shower by adding shelves. the shelving can be glass or made of the same material as your shower walls. Putting the products on the shelves, rather than keeping the items on the shower floor will keep rings from developing on the floor of your shower. Have your residential shower services contractor plan out the best material for shower shelving that will match the features inside of your restroom. 

Make the shower an overhead waterfall

In order to have a productive shower, you will want to be able to shampoo your hair and wash your body quickly and thoroughly. One of the best ways to make sure that you can shampoo your hair quickly and that you can wet and rinse your body easily is to have an overhead waterfall showerhead. A waterfall showerhead that is suspended from the ceiling will allow you to stand underneath the shower and cleanse your body in less time than a traditional showerhead. Overhead showers also make it easier to shampoo and condition without missing any spots in your hair. You also have to move around much less in order to get clean, allowing you to get a central shower drain that works appropriately. Get a waterfall shower with adjustable pressure so that you are able to have a light drizzle when necessary or a heavy pour when you need one.