Drapery Tips For Homeowners

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Drapery Tips For Homeowners

29 September 2017
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The draperies that are on your windows can be essential for providing your windows with a pleasing aesthetic along with allowing you to control the amount of sunlight that will enter through the windows. For homeowners that have rarely given the draperies in their home much thought, it can be easy to be unaware of some important information that will greatly improve the results that you get from your draperies.

Opt For Thick Fabric

When you are looking at buying new drapes, you should always opt for a thick fabric. This type of fabric will prove to be much more effective at blocking the sunlight. In addition to being more effective, this type of drape will also be more resistant to normal wear and tear. While drapes that are made of thicker fabric can cost more, the enhanced durability can be worth the cost as it will reduce the frequency with which you will need to replace the draperies.

Prefer Neutral Or Light Colors

The color of your draperies will be one of the most noticeable features of them. However, the color of the draperies can also influence their effectiveness at keeping the interior of the home cool. When the draperies are dark colors, they will be far more likely to absorb the heat from the sunlight. As the draperies heat up, they will start to radiate this warmth on the interior of the home, n this can cause the temperature to start to rise. By choosing light and neutral colors, you can minimize this issue as much of the sun's heat will be reflected by these colors. Another benefit of these lighter colors is that they will be able to be matched to a much wider range of color schemes, which can make decorating your home's interior an easier task.

Minimize The Risk Of Damaging The Draperies When Washing Them

Regularly cleaning the draperies will be essential if you are to avoid dust from collecting on them and discoloring the fabric. While using a duster will remove much of the debris, it will not remove the dust that gets wedged between the gaps in the fabric. By washing the draperies, you can remove these dust particles so that the fabric will look as good as possible. When washing the draperies, you should avoid using machines as these devices can be too harsh for these fabrics. Rather, handwashing and air drying the draperies will be the safer option for thoroughly cleaning them.

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