Beautifying Your Gravel Driveway

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Beautifying Your Gravel Driveway

23 January 2017
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When building a home for yourself and your family, saving money whenever possible is probably something you're always thinking about. Choosing to use gravel for your driveway can be a prudent, affordable choice. However, because gravel is not set in place as concrete or asphalt may be, you'll need to consider these tips to contain the gravel and keep the area attractive.

Use Decorative Rocks

After having the gravel dropped off and deposited into place, it's important to think about how you'll keep the gravel from flying off into the grass or becoming a misshapen, unkempt mess. The easiest way to handle this is to line the driveway with decorative rock pavers.

The great thing about decorative rocks is that you don't need to limit yourself to one shape or one color. Many colors are available, and you may be able to order rock that is custom cut in the shape you designate. By keeping all the options in mind, you can not only keep the gravel in place, but add some beauty as well. You may even wish to stack the decorative rock pavers or alternate colors to create something truly unique.

Build an Apron

Even if you don't want the expense of pouring a concrete or asphalt driveway, you might still want to have a bit of a smooth surface for aesthetic reasons. An apron at the bottom or top of the driveway may be a good idea. Using decorative rocks, you can lay out a smooth portion of driveway for your vehicle. You may have to dig a shallow ditch so that the rocks are flush with the gravel and the rest of the driveway.

Use Plants

Another way you can beautify a gravel driveway without too much trouble is to use various plants on either side. The color of the plants you choose and the kind of plants you select can give your driveway a gorgeous appearance and add to the beauty of your entire property.

However, if you do plan to pick a few plants, be sure that they will not grow very high. Smaller bushes and flowers may be best, so that roots don't infiltrate your driveway over time and make it a bumpy ride or create an unsightly mess for you to deal with later.

With this advice, you can save money with a gravel driveway without sacrificing visual attractiveness. Talk with your local contractor about more suggestions.