Temporary Fencing May Cut Down On A Homeowner's Liability Risks

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Temporary Fencing May Cut Down On A Homeowner's Liability Risks

30 September 2016
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Fences are designed to add a layer of protection to a home and yard. Liability reductions are also tied into fencing's ability to bar unwanted entries. By fencing off a property, a homeowner has taken responsible steps to prevent others from venturing onto the property and suffering harm. When the original fence is damaged, however, liability risks arise. A temporary chain link rental could keep a homeowner out of legal trouble by maintaining the security of the property.

New Protections and Less Liabilities

Once a fence is damaged, the ability to breach entry to the property is increased. A temporary fence could greatly decrease liabilities in the following ways:

Reduce the Chances for Confrontations

If a burglar or another type of trespasser enters the property, those who reside in the home may be forced into a confrontation with the perpetrator. Even when acting in accordance with self-defense laws, a person might find him or herself in legal — civil or criminal — trouble depending on what transpires. Blocking entry with temporary fencing could aid in preventing such a disastrous confrontations from ever occurring.

Prevent Risks to Children

Trespassers are generally not able to file any claims since they know they are not supposed to be on the property. Even if the fencing was damaged and an entry portal existed, a reasonable adult should know going through a hole in a fence is trespassing. Things may change, however, when the trespasser is a child. In Pennsylvania, any "attractive nuisances" on a property that may draw children create extra responsibilities for safety on the part of the property owner. For example, a swing in a backyard could lead children to trespass. Not fixing a destroyed fence but posting "No Trespassing" signs may eliminate liability claims from an adult's injury, but not a child's.

Keep Dangerous Animals Away

Every minute a destroyed fence goes unaddressed, the inability to effectively control animal entry to a property raises risks. A vicious dog, for example, has nothing stopping it from wandering beyond the broken fence and biting someone. A temporary fence provides an immediate barrier.

Professional Installation and the Portable Fence Solution

Renting a portable chain link fence delivers the same protections as a permanent fence as along as the fencing is correctly installed. Only those with experience should set up the fence. Requesting installation work by skilled professionals is necessary to ensure both sturdiness and effectiveness.