3 Landscaping Projects To Give Your Home A New Look With Reclaimed Lumber

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3 Landscaping Projects To Give Your Home A New Look With Reclaimed Lumber

12 September 2016
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If you are considering landscaping projects that give your home's outdoors a personalized design. Today, reclaimed lumber materials are widely available and can be an affordable resource for many of these projects around your home. You may want to consider doing things like creating a privacy fence with used pallets or making patio furnishings using reclaimed barn lumber. If you want to do some projects for your landscaping using reclaimed materials, here are some projects that you may want to consider to get started with:

1. Creating A Privacy Fence Or Screen Using Reclaimed Pallet Materials

A privacy fence or screen can be a great addition to your home. It can also be costly if you do a large section. One of the simplest projects that you can do is make privacy screens with used pallets. To do this, collect used pallets and stack them upright to the height you want. Use posts or treated boards to drive into the ground to support the pallets. To make them stronger, you can build long planter boxes that connected different sections together. This will also help give the project more privacy by reducing visibility.

2. Giving Your Landscaping Rustic Furniture Using Reclaimed Barn Wood Materials

You may also want to give your landscaping some unique furniture. If you want to create rustic furniture, you can use reclaimed barn wood. These materials are often beams and timers that are made of hardwoods, which can be great for the outdoors. You can build things like simple picnic tables and bench seats. To make sure the furniture lasts, apply a coat of protective sealant on them to fill cracks and protect the wood from weathering.

3. Using Reclaimed Decking And Wood Flooring For Patios, Paths, And Porches

Reclaimed decking and flooring materials can be another great resource for your outdoor landscaping projects. If you want to create a surface for a patio or porch, using reclaimed decking materials can be a great solution. If there is a covered area, you may want to use reclaimed hardwood flooring. These woods will need to be cleaned and treated with a sealant to make sure they last.

These are some landscaping projects that you can have a lot of fun doing on your own with reclaimed lumber materials. If you are ready to start doing some of these projects on your home, contact a contact a landscaping service like Bourget Bros. Building Materials to help you with some of these projects.