Keeping Employees Safe When Using Industrial Pallet Racks To Hold Inventory

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Keeping Employees Safe When Using Industrial Pallet Racks To Hold Inventory

18 July 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you are in the process of setting up a warehouse, you will most likely have organizational procedures in place for the placement of products used on a daily basis. If you are using industrial pallet racks to stack materials, having safety procedures in place to reduce the risk of injury to your employees is necessary. Here are some tips you can use to keep your warehouse's belongings safely on the racks and at less risk of falling on someone as a result.

Install Heavy-Duty Netting To Contain Items

After your pallet racks are set up and materials are placed upon the shelves, protection on each side of the racking units should be installed so items do not fall into the path or upon someone walking past. Heavy-duty nets can be strung over the sides of the racks to help keep boxes and tools in place. These can be moved to the side when items are to be retrieved from the racks' shelves. Consider purchasing industrial-strength netting rather than hanging nets yourself, as they are constructed to be rip-proof. These should be stretched flush against the pallet racks' sides so over-packing a shelf with inventory is less likely.

Secure The Pallet Racks In A Steel Cage

Install a steel cage around your pallet racks to help keep employees from harm. This area can be locked during times inventory is not being utilized to help keep items from theft or possible breakage due to being in an open area. A steel cage allows employees to peer in at the items from the outside without risking injury should something slip from its location. 

Designate An Employee To Retrieve Items

If theft or injury is a concern, having one employee in charge of the inventory is best. They can keep logs showing which employee had requested an item from the inventory supply, helping the reordering process to be more efficient. They should be properly trained in how to retrieve items safely, such as using ladders to reach items on higher shelves and knowing to stack heavier items on the lower pallet racks to avoid tipping of the units. If this person is contained in the inventory area to reach for items when needed, make sure there is an open area with a desk where they can settle in to do their work at times when the inventory is not being accessed to reduce the chance of injury.

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