Simple Air Conditioning Unit Maintenance Steps

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Simple Air Conditioning Unit Maintenance Steps

21 January 2016
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Maintaining air conditioning units is one important task that needs to be taken to ensure they will work when warm weather arrives. Simple maintenance steps can help prolong the life of the units while giving the home efficient and effective cooling. Here are some steps to be taken at the beginning of each summer to help keep a wall air conditioning unit in the best possible shape for years to come.

Tend To The Air Filter

The air filter is one of the most important pieces in an air conditioning unit. If it is full of debris, the air conditioner will work harder at trying to push cool air through to the interior of the home. Changing the filter with a new one at the beginning of the summer time will help keep people in the home safer as they will be breathing air without dust particles, pet dander, or other small allergens.

For standalone wall units, remove the grill from the front of the air conditioner on the side facing the interior of the room. The filter will be inside. This is usually replaceable, although some models have reusable ones that can be rinsed out and placed back into the unit. See your air conditioner's instruction manual for details on which type of filter your unit holds.

Clean The Unit Completely

When dirt becomes encrusted inside the outflow vents of your unit, the efficiency is compromised. Removing this dirt will make the air conditioner run more effectively, allowing you to save on energy costs as a result. Use a soft bristled brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner to help pull dirt away from the vent area. Wipe down the coils on the exterior of the unit to help keep it running properly as well. This can be done with a damp piece of microfiber cloth. Make sure the unit is unplugged before cleaning any portion and dry the unit in its entirety before allowing power to run to it once again.

Check For Gaps Around The Unit

If the unit is not seated in the frame properly, there is a good chance warm airflow can be emitted into the home along with your air conditioning. This will make the air conditioner work harder at cooling. Hold a candle up to the edge of the air conditioning unit from inside the home. Slowly move it around the perimeter. If the candle blows out, that spot is in need of attention. Use some expandable foam to fill in the void, allowing the cool air to be safely kept from leaking to the outside. For more information, contact a business such as Aggressive Mechanical Contractors.