Creative Ways To Use That Spare Cardboard In Your Garage

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Creative Ways To Use That Spare Cardboard In Your Garage

6 January 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you have a lot of extra cardboard laying around your garage, then you can put it to good use so you can get it out of the way without wasting it. This article will provide you with a couple creative and resourceful ways that you can use that extra cardboard around your house.

Make a target for target practice

If your child or anyone else in your household likes to shoot bee bee guns, pellet guns, slingshots or crossbows, then you can make a great target out of some of that cardboard that you have laying around. To make the target, you will need plenty of cardboard, duct tape and red paint.

Place the cardboard pieces flat on the ground and tightly roll one piece at a time. When each piece is rolled all the way, tape around it with the duct tape. Put the roll on top of the next piece and roll it in the same fashion, then tape it and repeat the process. Do this until the roll gets as big as you want it, and then use the red paint to paint the target onto the front.

This target will work great because the cardboard is rolled tightly and painted, it gives you something to shoot at that will stop the bee bee, pellet or arrow. If you are using arrows, they will also be easy to take out of it, and the cardboard won't be as damaging to the tips of the arrows as a solid piece of wood would be.

Make a cat scratching post

If you have a cat in your home, then you can make a cat scratching post for them to use. Using this post will help to save your carpet and furniture from becoming victim to their sharp nails. The easiest way to make this scratching post is to roll the cardboard and tape it using the same method as above. However, when you get to the last few layers, you can use a hot glue gun to glue the layers around the roll.

If your cat shows little interest at first, you can sprinkle cat nip in the small crevices of the post in order to get them interested. Before you know it, your can will be clawing at the post like crazy.

Cardboard can make a good resource, so you should always think twice before you throw out a box, and if you aren't able to find a good use for it, recycle the cardboard instead of sending it to the landfill. To learn more about cardboard recycling, contact a business like Sunwest Metals Inc.