Mother Needs To Live Closer To You? Build Her A House On Your Property

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Mother Needs To Live Closer To You? Build Her A House On Your Property

1 December 2015
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If your mother needs to live closer to you, you can build her a home on your property if it is within your budget and your property is large enough. This way, she is close to you, and she can still have her independence.  Below are some tips on getting started on this large project so your mother will have a nice place to live.

Choose Where to Put Her House

You need to take great care when considering where to place your mother's house on your property.

If you have her house built on a slope, it will likely cost you more when compared to a flat area.  This is because the contractor may have to use more gravel back fill on the foundation. They may need to build a retaining wall so there is a flat area to put the driveway.

You could also take advantage of the slope by installing a walk out basement. This type of basement is accessible from the outside. In many cases, the door on the walkout basement is a standard sized door. This means people can go into and out of the basement without having to come into her house. This also adds living space to the home.

The steepness of the slope will determine how much fill or excavation is required to create this type of basement. You can get all of this information from your contractor.

The sun is something else you need to consider. Many homes are designed so that the family room, kitchen, breakfast room, etc., is located at the back of the house. You likely want more sunshine in these rooms, so make sure this side of the house faces south. This can also help on the utility bills in the winter, as the sun can help keep the house warm.

Choose Design Build

A design build is when you hire one team to build the house. This team generally works under one contractor, and provides the design and construction of the house. One company means one contractor, which makes things much easier for you.

This is beneficial in many ways. For example, if something goes wrong, everyone on the design build team is accountable, including how long it takes to complete the home, how it looks in the end, and the costs.  A design build team will pay a lot of attention to the scheduling and pricing when they start the design phase. You will know the cost of everything early in the process, such as utilities, landscaping, construction costs, and any other fees. This way, you will not be surprised with a much larger bill than you had planned.

One team is involved in building the home from start to finish, which means they will be much more efficient. You will also have experts in both the design and build available to you. The architects and builders will work together throughout the process to ensure everything is done correctly.

Once you choose where to put the house, and have hired the right people to build it, your mother will have a new house in no time. 

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