Determining Which Type Of Water Sensor Is The Best For Your Budget And Lifestyle

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Determining Which Type Of Water Sensor Is The Best For Your Budget And Lifestyle

11 November 2015
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Installing water sensors in your home can help to reduce the chances of extensive water damage occurring as a result of hidden leaks. Different types of water sensors are manufactured to alert property owners in different ways, and systems range from basic to complex in design. The following information can help you determine which type is best for your needs and lifestyle.

Local Alarm Water Sensors

This is a budget-friendly option. These types of water sensors may be integrated into an existing security alarm system, or they can operate as standalone sensors. They operate similarly to the way smoke detectors operate when they detect smoke. An alarm initiates to warn of a possible water leak issue. One potential downside to this type of water sensor is that it emits a sound, and this means that if you are not home when the alarm sounds off, it may do little good. An exception to this would be if the sensor is integrated into your home security system, and you have a security plan that monitors and reports when the water alarm sensors activate. These types of sensors will not shut off the water supply to your home, so someone will need to manually shut off the water.

Remote Alarm Water Sensors

This option is more sophisticated than the local alarm option. It could be considered a mid-range water sensor option. The system would initiate a phone call to the number you register if the system detects a potential water leak. This feature could make it possible for you to reduce the chances of significant water damage occurring if you are away from home. Unfortunately, these types of water sensors will not shut off the water supply to your home. Consider having a key available for a trusted family member or friend to use to enter your home when you are away if needed. Some systems of this type continue to work even during power outages, which may make them ideal if you live in an area that is prone to severe weather and power outages.

Automatic Shutoff Water Sensors

This type of water sensor is a high-end investment and the best defense against damages from water leaks. This is because these systems will shut off the water supply to your home if a possible leak is detected. These systems may shut off the water supply due to erroneous detections, which could be an inconvenience if you are in the middle of doing something that requires the use of water such as bathing or washing your car. Erroneous detections may occur as a result of too much humidity or moisture coming into contact with a sensor. 

A plumber is the best resource to use for leak detection. It is also best to use their services for water sensor installations. This is because they will know the appropriate areas to install the devices. They will also likely perform a plumbing inspection prior to installing the devices. This will ensure that any existing leaks or leak-prone areas are repaired.