4 Signs It's Time To Remove A Tree On Your Property

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4 Signs It's Time To Remove A Tree On Your Property

28 September 2015
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Having trees on your property can be beneficial in a number of ways; healthy trees can provide shade, privacy, and curb appeal. However, diseased or otherwise damaged trees can be an eyesore on any property and, in some cases, can even pose a danger. Specifically, there are a few warning signs all homeowners should be on the lookout for that could indicate the need for tree removal on the property.

Sudden Leaning

While it's true that some trees may naturally lean slightly to one side, it's important to make note of any sudden leaning of a tree or any major changes in a tree's leaning--especially after severe weather (such as high winds) has recently occurred. At the very least, the tree should be assessed by a professional tree service to determine whether or not the stability of the tree has been compromised. If so, the tree may need to be removed before it falls over.

Visible Root Decay

You can't always see a tree's roots to determine whether or not they're healthy, especially if the tree's base is covered with landscaping materials, such as mulch. However, in larger trees with visible roots, the presence of decay on any of the roots may indicate a need for removal. After all, the tree's roots play a huge role in a tree's overall health, and if any of the root system is decayed or diseased, the tree's structural support may be dangerously compromised.

Large Pieces of Bark Missing

Another red flag to be on the lookout for when it comes to a tree's health is that of large pieces of bark missing from the tree. Chunks of bark may be found around the base of the tree or may be seen peeling away from the tree itself, which is an indicator of a disease. A tree service expert will need to be brought in to assess the damage and determine whether or not the tree can be saved.

Dead Branches High in Canopy

Finally, be on the lookout for completely dead or bare branches high in the canopy of the tree. While it's not uncommon for lower branches to die off and need pruned back, it's usually not seen as normal for higher branches to become completely bare or dead. If this is the case with a tree on your property, you will need to contact a professional, such as Jerry's Tree Service, to determine if the tree needs to be removed.