Tips For Saving Money On Your Garage Door Repair

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Tips For Saving Money On Your Garage Door Repair

19 August 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Do you have a teenage son or daughter? Has he or she recently damaged your garage door while pulling the family car in or out? Here are some tips to help you save money on your garage door repairs:

You may not need to replace the door: If the damage is relatively minor, you may not need to replace the door in order for it to continue functioning. If it is a multiple panel door, you may be able to remove the panels one by one and carefully straighten them out yourself. If it is a solid, one-piece door, you may need assistance to remove the door and brace the damaged area with sturdy pieces of iron or steel. Although neither is likely to result in a door with a like-new appearance, garage door repairs such as these can at least restore the functionality of the door and allow you to continue using your garage. This will allow you to save money towards a potentially costly replacement.

Hire help: If your garage door repairs require replacement or even simply temporary removal, make sure you have plenty of help. Due to tension springs assisting you, a garage door feels deceptively lightweight when you manually open and close it. A garage door can easily weigh around 200 pounds or more, depending on the size of the door and the materials used, which is probably more than you're comfortable lifting at one time. Due to a garage door's large size, it can be easy to be crushed or otherwise injured when attempting to fix your door, which can cost you in lost time and money for medical bills. If you hire a company that does garage door repairs, you'll be able to stay safely out of the way while the skilled service personnel take care of everything. While this can have a higher upfront cost, not having to pay for an accidental injury will save you money in the long run.

Purchase a used garage door: Used doesn't mean worn out, so if money is tight, a used garage door may be your best option. Somebody in your city may have decided to replace their garage door because it no longer matched their newly renovated home, or they may have converted their garage into another room and completely eliminated their need for a door. If you can't find any relevant classified ads, find out if there is a store in your area that sells recycled building materials. Although they might mainly offer cabinets or other fixtures, they may also receive donated garage doors from time to time.

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