Learn What A Commercial Locksmith Can Do For Your Business

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Learn What A Commercial Locksmith Can Do For Your Business

13 July 2015
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If you have recently opened your own business, you want to make sure you have all the emergency numbers you may need at some point. These numbers should be kept in a safe place where both you and your employees are always aware they are there if you need them. One number you want to make sure you have on that list is the number to a reputable commercial locksmith. A locksmith, like those at Arapahoe County Security Center Inc, can do much more for your business than simply let you in if you lost your key. Learn about some of the services they can offer your business below:

Safe combination resets – Ex-employees who have the combination to your safe can be a real threat. If you feel the combination to your safe may have been compromised, you want to have a locksmith come out right away to reset it. If possible, you should consider moving the contents to a safe location until the combination has been reset.

Upgrading your locks – You want to know your business is being protected with locks you can count on. Thieves only continue to get better and better at breaking into places. This is why it's good to make sure your place of business is protected with high security locks.

Video surveillance systems – Some people think they need to turn to an alarm company to install a video surveillance system. However, the same commercial locksmith you turn to for your locks may also be able to take care of your surveillance needs.

Keyless Entry Door Locks – A commercial locksmith can set your business up so you have keyless entry door locks. This takes away the concern over lost keys. The system can be easily reprogrammed to change the combination when needed, such as after you have let an employee go who has been given the combination.

Lock repair – Locks get damaged all the time. Whether it's from an attempted break-in or someone accidentally breaking a key off inside of the lock, you want to get the lock repaired quickly. A commercial locksmith will be able to get you into the building and repair the lock quickly, so you can get back to business.

Buzzer system – If your business requires people to be validated before they enter, then you should consider having a buzzer system installed. With this system, only the people you approve can enter. A commercial locksmith can install this system for you.

When you open your business, you want to secure a commercial locksmith near you with 24-hour service. This way, you know you can get help right when you need it.