Refreshing And Replanting Lawns With A Smooth Sweep

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Refreshing And Replanting Lawns With A Smooth Sweep

21 April 2015
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If you need to plant a lot of grass, there may be a lot of hard work ahead of you. The planting isn't a technically difficult process, but you need to evenly coat a large amount of space in order to avoid low patches of grass or bald spots in the soil. To spread the seeds evenly and keep more difficult grasses well watered, consider a few techniques and lawn maintenance tips that could make your lawn tending faster and easier.

Hydroseeding For Faster Planting

In order to plant grass seeds (or any seeds of similar size), you need to spread the seeds evenly across the soil and provide enough bedding to keep the seeds from flying away in the wind. To accomplish this, most people water the seeds shortly after planting to create a wet, sticking connection to the ground. 

Unfortunately, a lot can go wrong even if you're planting and watering in the same day. Winds could sweep up shortly after dropping the seeds, or even during planting. Even if you manually water after planting, there's an awkward juggling of tools with both hands that is really more work than necessary.

Instead of risking rogue seeds flying off or a lot of back pain from a lot of turning and bending to water and plant, try using a hydroseeding device. The best part of hydroseeding is that there's already watered, moist seeds that can be sprayed across the ground and likely to stick in all but the most foul weather.

Hydroseeding works by creating a slurry of water, seeds, plant growth formula and sometimes a tackifying agent designed to make the mixture stick better. The mixture is placed inside of a container, then sprayed out of nozzles designed to distribute the seeds evenly. The entire process is completed in one spray, and all you have to do is walk around to give an even coating.

What Not To Do While Hydroseeding

An all-in-one solution such as hydroseeding seems to have all of the problem parts of planting covered, but there are still a few things to watch out for. Stepping in the seeds and washing away seed placement can ruin your progress.

Since the seeds are wet, you or anyone else who walks through the sprayed area could end up with seeds on their shoes or feet. Avoid this by working up and down the planting area in rows, taking special care not to plant yourself into a corner where you can't walk. If you find yourself in such a predicament, make sure to use extra seed mixture to cover what was taken away while walking.

If the nozzle concentration is too hard or your water pressure too high, you may send the grass flying away as the water sprays violently to the ground. Adjust the water intensity and check the nozzle for obstructions before spraying too much. Soil erosion can become a problem here as well, since you could spray away enough soil to create pits and trenches.

Contact a hydroseeding professional like Bark Blowers & Hydroseeding Inc to pair a hydroseeding system that fits your seed type and lawn care needs.