3 Creative Ways To Add More Function To A Water Closet

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3 Creative Ways To Add More Function To A Water Closet

10 April 2015
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Bathroom remodeling projects allow you to express your creativity while improving the functionality of the room. This process can seem downright easy if you have a large room and a matching budget. But sometimes you have to get creative with a much smaller space such as a water closet.

A water closet by definition only needs to include a toilet. But there are a few creative ways to add more function to this small room:

Use the Corners

A great way to add function while preserving floor space is to use the corners. There are corner-mount toilets with angled tanks and rounded bowls meant to preserve space in a small room. You could then install a corner pedestal or vessel sink across from the toilet.

If you choose this type of layout, make sure guests will have room for their legs between the toilet and the sink. Do your knees knock into the sink? You can still use this general idea but need to move the sink to the corner that's diagonal across from the toilet to open up more legroom.

You can even use the corners for storage by installing wall shelves made to fit such an angle. These shelves typically won't fit large items such as towels but can prove sufficient for the storage of toilet paper and guest soaps.

Vertical Storage

Need more storage room in your bathroom and the water closet is the only place you have left to utilize? Look for slim, tall cabinets that maximize the vertical wall space rather than taking up flooring.

If you own a small stepladder, you can install cabinets that are taller than you could reach normally. You can use the upper shelves for excess cleaning supplies, fancy towels that only come out when guests are over, and other bulk bathroom products such as shampoo, deodorant or toilet paper.

Install a Recessed Window

Ask your remodeling contractor about installing a recessed window into the water closet. This will add natural light to the room, making it feel less like an actual closet, and also provide some horizontal shelving space for any items you need close at hand.

The window project obviously requires that the water closet is located on an outside wall of your home. Choose a window design with stained or frosted glass that will preserve privacy without forgoing lighting. Also choose a model that can open slightly to allow in natural air when you so desire. To learn more, contact a company like City Builders & Supply Inc. with any questions or concerns you have.