Two Of Your Questions About Foundation Repairs Answered

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Two Of Your Questions About Foundation Repairs Answered

30 March 2015
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Without a solid and stable foundation, a building would be unable to stand the test of time. Unfortunately, it is possible for the foundation under your home to develop a variety of problems, and these issues may make your house unsafe. Due to the severity and risks associated with this problem, it should not be a surprise that many homeowners want to know as much as they can about this problem. By understanding the following two questions about foundation issues, you should be better informed about this common problem that homeowners must address. 

What Are Some Of The Issues That Cause A Home's Foundation To Shift?

It may seem odd that your home's foundation can be prone to shifting because it is not exposed to the elements and the weight of the house would seem like it would keep it in place. However, poor soil conditions can cause the foundation to become unstable, and this is particularly common in soils that are rich in sands or have poor drainage. In addition to soil conditions, it is also possible that the foundation was not correctly poured. 

Unfortunately, there are many homeowners who are not familiar with the warning signs that there's a problem with their foundation. As the foundation shifts and moves under the home, it can cause cracks in walls and floors, jammed windows and a host of other highly visible warning signs. 

How Can A Damaged Foundation Be Repaired?

Luckily, you do not have to let a damaged foundation ruin your home because it is possible to have these issues repaired. One of the most common ways of correcting foundation problems is to install support beams under the foundation. These beams will help prevent the foundation from shifting, and they will provide support to help reduce cracks and other stress-induced problems. 

To install these supports, your contractor will need to excavate the soil around your home to expose the damaged foundation. A deep hole is drilled, and the beams are slid into place before a layer of concrete is poured over the drill hole to help keep the beam in place. In extreme instances, these beams may not be enough, and when this is the case, parts of your home's foundation may need to be reprobed. 

Foundation problems can strike any building, and when these problems arise, they can quickly cause severe structural issues. While these problems can be repaired, many people are not well informed about their options. Understanding why your foundation is experiencing problems and how these issues are repaired will help you make sound choices for what is needed to repair your foundation. Talk with a construction company, like Reynolds Construction, for help with your foundation.