Wiring Problem In Your Home? Know These Mistakes Before You Start Repairs

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Wiring Problem In Your Home? Know These Mistakes Before You Start Repairs

17 March 2015
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If there's one area of your home where ignoring a needed repair can eventually cause a bigger problem, it's with electrical wiring. While many repairs can be done by the average homeowner, there are some very common mistakes that many people make. Here's a look at those mistakes, and what you should do to avoid them.

Mistake #1: Leaving wires unprotected

If you're doing electrical work in the wood framing under your home, it's very easy to damage wires that run along the wood. That's why most codes require that wires and cables in this area be protected by a metal or plastic tube. Of course, the average do-it-yourselfer is often tempted to cut corners. This is one area though, where you don't want to go that route. It may cost a little more money and it may take a little more time to install, but If you have wires under your home, make sure those wires are protected.

Mistake #2: Cutting wires too short

Cutting your wires too short can make it difficult to have a solid connection. A bad connection can lead to a non-functioning circuit at best, or a damaging fire at worst. When cutting wires for a connection, make sure you leave at least three inches on each wire. Wire that's too long can easily be trimmed or simply folded over, but wire that's too short can lead to completely restarting your project.

Mistake #3: Ignoring a loose outlet

A loose outlet in your home may seem like only a minor inconvenience, but it can actually be pretty dangerous. Outlets that wiggle can make the wires inside come loose, and loose wires can cause fires. If you have a loose outlet, work quickly to have it repaired.

Mistake #4: Having too many wires in one electrical box

If you find yourself in a situation where you're adding wires to an already installed connection, it's easy to just stuff the new wires into the existing electrical box. But you need to make sure you're not connecting too many. The National Electrical Code actually has recommendations for how many wires should go in certain types of boxes. These recommendations are in place for a reason. Too many wires in one spot can lead to a dangerous situation.

Of course, even if you make a point to avoid these mistakes, electrical work can still be pretty tricky. Oftentimes, it's best just to trust a professional with the job. An electrician like Safe-Way Electric & Solar Co. likely has years of experience, and has probably seen hundreds of situations just like yours. They know exactly how to deal with your specific scenario, and know how to make the job go efficiently as possible.