Redesign The Bathroom With A Glass Block Shower

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Redesign The Bathroom With A Glass Block Shower

4 December 2014
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If your bathroom shower is outdated and could use a change, consider adding in a glass block shower. The change in design will provide your bathroom with a contemporary appearance that is easy to clean. The glass block shower concept also has a walk-in design, making it easier to access instead of having to climb into a bathtub to operate. The guide below contains some information on the benefits of installing a glass block shower.

Contemporary Appearance

The glass block design concept will uplift your bathroom and provide it with a contemporary appearance. The sleek design of the glass camouflages you during the shower, so if someone enters the bathroom there vision is distorted. The glass blocks can be equipped with a glaze to add color accents to coincide with the bathroom decor. In addition to color accents the glass blocks are also available in a variety of colors, making it easier to add them into the bathroom's current color scheme. For instance, you can use traditional non-colored glass blocks for most of the shower and add aqua blue glass block patterns forming triangles or other shapes.

Minimal Cleaning

The glass block showers are easy to clean because of the soft texture and variety of patterns on the surface. This minimizes the amount of spots and soap residue that gather on the glass surface after shower usage. In order to clean the glass block shower, it simply requires a mild cleaner or soap. Wipe the glass block in a circular motion to ensure that the glass has been cleaned efficiently and ready for use. Traditional window cleaning agents are also considered good to use on glass block windows. Consider spraying the window cleaner on a microfiber cloth to wipe down the glass block with as well.

Walk-In Shower

Glass blocks are considered durable and water sealable, making them a good material to use for installing walk-in showers. The walk-in glass block shower is a good option if you have a disability and have difficulty maneuvering in a bathtub. The design concept makes the shower easily accessible through the floor entrance and can be equipped with a wider opening to accommodate a wheelchair. In addition, the glass block walk-in shower also provides extensive light transmission, which creates great visibility while you are showering.

Before deciding on having a glass block shower installed, consult with a contractor to determine if you have the space needed. For more information about glass blocks, contact a company like Quick Set Inc.