Wood Vs PVC Fencing: Which Is Right For You?

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Wood Vs PVC Fencing: Which Is Right For You?

3 December 2014
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Until recent years, the only fencing option available to individuals who truly wanted to increase the privacy of their property was wood panel fencing. Nowadays, these same homeowners are able to choose between the use of wood or PVC panel fencing in order to accomplish their goal of increased privacy. When choosing between these two fencing options, it is important to consider each of the following factors to ensure you are ultimately choosing the fencing option that is best suited to your specific needs.

Factor #1: Maintenance

Both wood and PVC fencing will require some maintenance in order to remain looking their best. However, the amount of maintenance that a wood fence will require is significantly higher than that of a PVC panel fence. This is because wood is a porous material that must be protected from water damage and pest infestations. Consequently, homeowners who choose a wood fence will need to commit to sanding, treating, and sealing their fence once every year or two. With a PVC fence, seasonal cleaning is the only real maintenance that will be required.

Factor #2: Appearance

While privacy may be one of your primary reasons for installing a fence, the way this fence makes your property look can also be quite important.

When choosing between the appearance of a wood or PVC fence, you will need to consider the architectural style of your home. This is because while many modern homes will be complimented by the look of a PVC fence, traditional or historical homes will look best with a natural wood fence.

Another feature to keep in mind is the ability to paint your fence. While wood fences can be easily painted to match the exterior of your home, PVC fences can be far more difficult to paint. Consequently, many homeowners will find wood fences to be superior when it comes to appearance.

Factor #3: Environmental Impact

If you are an environmentally conscious homeowner or are looking for ways to make your home more green, you will also want to consider the environmental impact that each fencing option may have. Since wood fencing is made from natural, biodegradable materials, this fencing option is often considered the most eco-friendly option available.

PVC fencing on the other hand, is often criticized for the emissions that are created during the manufacturing process. This fencing option also has the disadvantage of not being biodegradable. However, more and more opportunities are arising for the recycling of these materials.

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