Installing Gutter Guards: A Simple Job That Keeps Your Gutters Clean

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Installing Gutter Guards: A Simple Job That Keeps Your Gutters Clean

3 December 2014
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You may dread climbing up on a ladder to reach your gutters, but the fact that gutter guards will keep you on the ground every fall is to hard to ignore. Gutter guards block leaves and large debris, and keep squirrels and birds from nesting in your gutters. If you would like to know how the professionals do it, it takes but a few minutes to find out.

Select Your Gutter Guard Style

This can include full coverage guards that allow only precipitation to flow down off the roof into the gutters, or the vented flat guards. The full coverage guards are an extension of the roof itself, and have a very natural flow and attractive look to them. You can't see the vented guards at all once you install them. The gutters are open to the elements, instead of closed off like the full coverage guards. Either of these is equally effective at preventing animals and large debris from blocking up your gutters.

Collect Your Supplies

Next, you will need:

  • a ladder tall enough to reach all of your gutters
  • the installation hardware to hold the gutters on or in place
  • screwdriver or hammer
  • metal shears for cutting the guards to fit
  • tape measure to measure the length of gutter guard you will need for each section of gutter

Although you may utilize a scaffolding platform, this is optional. Professional roofing services may use scaffolding for added safety and to reach a really high roof where the gutters may be too high up to get to with just a ladder.

Measure, Cut and Install

Measure from one end of a gutter to the other. The ends are where the gutter meets a corner or a peak of the house. If you are installing full coverage guards, you will need to attach the underside supports first and then place the overhanging guards on top of the supports. If you are just using the vented guards, some of these flex, bend and pop right into position, using the resistance between the sides of the gutters to stay in place. Other vented guards will need to be screwed or nailed into place.

When the Job Is Overwhelming

If you have a very large home, this might be an overwhelming task for you. It is then that you will want to hire professional roofing services to install your gutter guards for you. Most of the time, the companies that sell gutter guards will also install them free of charge.

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