Air Conditioner Blower: The Importance To A Thermostat & Why It May Stop Functioning

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Air Conditioner Blower: The Importance To A Thermostat & Why It May Stop Functioning

3 December 2014
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It can be frustrating setting the thermostat to cool your home on a hot day and receiving an insufficient amount of air. The blower may be the problem because it is responsible for releasing air into the ventilation system. In this article, you will discover the importance of an air conditioner blower for reaching the temperature on a thermostat and why it may stop functioning.

How Important is an Air Conditioner Blower to a Thermostat?

An air conditioner blower is one of the most important parts of the system because you won't get any air out of the vents if it does not work. When you set the thermostat to cool your home, the blower releases air into the ventilation system based on the temperature that was set. Problems with the blower can lead to an insufficient amount of air, which means that it will take longer for your house to cool down.

Basically, the blower sends air into the evaporator coil so it can be cooled down. The evaporator coil is the part of your air conditioning system that transforms the coolant into a gas that chills the metal. As air passes through the chilled metal of the evaporator coil, it makes its way through the vents for your comfort. A sudden change in how well the air conditioning system is working may mean that the blower is in need of a repair or replacement.

Why Might an Air Conditioner Blower Stop Functioning?

One reason for an air conditioner blower to stop functioning is an accumulation of dirt on the motor. As dirt begins to accumulate, you may begin to feel less air than usual when the system is running. If the dirt is allowed to sit on the motor for a long time, the blower may stop working altogether and need to be replaced.

Hire a specialist to remove the dirt for you if you are having problems with air. Another sign of a dirty blower motor is failing to hear noise when the system is on, or when the noise is not as loud as it used to be. Catching problems before they become worse can help you avoid costly replacements.

Make sure you can get a sufficient amount of air when you are hot by keeping the air conditioner blower in top shape. Don't allow dirt to destroy the blower motor when a specialist like one from Perry Heating Cooling can clean it for you!