Powder Coating: What It Is And Why It Is Used

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Powder Coating: What It Is And Why It Is Used

2 December 2014
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When it comes to finishing products, powder coating is one of the best methods available. It is a type of process that uses dry metal finishing with particles of plastic resin that has been finely ground. Powder coating is available in just about every color imaginable, making it appropriate for different types of materials and products. Powder coating has many excellent benefits as well, including being resistant to scratches and abrasions, heat, corrosion, and UV radiation from the sun. Here is more information about powder coating and why it is useful.

Where Powder Coating is Used

There are many types of products and industries you can find powder coating being used.  Here are some of the top places this method is used:

Construction industry – In the construction industry, it is used for different types of tools and equipment, as well as various parts used by contractors, plumbers and electricians.

Farming industry – You might also find various products in the farming industry that use powder coating, such as farm equipment like tractors, tillers, and harvesters.

Automotive industry – Any type of metal part that requires a finishing coat will have powder coating, such as door handles, oil filters, brackets, wheels, bumpers, and suspension parts.

Personal products – Homeowners and businesses also have products with powder coating, such as with metal furniture, snow blowers, lawn mowers, garden tools, grills, mechanical pencils, and desk accessories.

The Environmental Benefits

One of the top benefits to powder coating processes is that it is environmentally-friendly. Other finishing systems use wet paint systems that include chemicals and solvents. However, with powder coating, it is a powder made from natural materials, therefore these products are much kinder to the environment.

The Coating Options Available

There is a color of powder available to finish any type of product. Common colors are white, black, red, green, blue and yellow, though other colors are also available. You can also choose powder coating in different finishes and textures, including metallic colors and splattered finishes.

Durability of Powder Coating

Powder coating is also very durable and resistant to scratching, peeling, chemicals and extreme levels or heat or corrosion. You will not need to worry about sealing the product after going through the complete coating process, or having to re-paint it, like you did with wet paint finishes.

You can also expect a fast turnaround time when you use powder coating on equipment, tools and various household products. It takes considerably less time for the process and complete drying time as opposed to using the wet paint methods.

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